Lutah Maria Riggs Society

Lutah Maria Riggs Society

The Lutah Maria Riggs Society was founded in 2013 to celebrate the courage and creative brilliance of the architect for whom the Society is named. Her remarkable work should command an important position in the history of American architecture and yet, until now it has gone largely unrecognized.

With the expertise of Lutah archivist and historian Melinda Gandara, the Society has engaged hundreds of community members to share stories, memories, and places that go into an exciting film about Lutah. LUTAH A Passion for Architecture: A Life in Design premiered at the 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival to rave reviews.

Our Society is entirely volunteer and has been enthusiastically supported by many local organizations (Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara, Casa del Herrero, Ganna Walska Lotusland, Pearl Chase Society, and now the Santa Barbara Foundation). We all share an interest in bringing the story of Lutah Maria Riggs to life.

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Lutah: A Client's Architect

Lutah: A Client's Architect

This collaboration of the Santa Barbara Historical Museum, the University of California Santa Barbara University Art Museum, and the Lutah Maria Riggs Society brings together the expertise, passion and knowledge of principal local colleagues, friends and clients for an unprecedented exploration of a woman whose place in history is only now being acknowledged.

Photographs, drawings, architectural models and other significant memorabilia and artifacts will form the basis of a graphic display to occupy the whole of the Sala changing exhibition gallery at Santa Barbara Historical Museum.

The exhibition will offer seldom seen photographs, drawings, and journal entries from Riggs' personal collection to illustrate her remarkably forthright and long life, while commentary on her work and influence will speak to her skills as an artist, designer and architect.

To make this remarkable event happen, we need your help!

All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible, and tributes to all those who have supported the exhibition will feature prominently at the entrance to the exhibition. Please join us by supporting this important local event. Your generosity and support is appreciated, and we look forward to working with you!

Lutah Founding Principal ($5000+)

Sponsorship of the Lutah Maria Riggs Fall Exhibition at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum, lifetime Lutah Maria Riggs Society membership, VIP access and listing, a private viewing of Lutah for 10 guests hosted in a Lutah Maria Riggs Home, Lutah DVD's posters and bumper stickers, listing on as founding member and an exclusive place in our hearts.

Lutah Lover ($1000)

VIP access and listing, listing as supporter of the Santa Barbara Historical Museum Lutah show in October, Lutah posters, postcards and bumper stickers, 4 VIP invites to the showing of Lutah, listing on as founding member.

Lutah Family ($500)

VIP access and listing on the LMRS website as a founding member. Access to all Lutah showings, receptions, and soirees.

Lutah Friend ($250)

Enjoy two receptions and notice of all activities related to Lutah.

Please make your contributions payable to the "Lutah Maria Riggs Society", and mail to:
Lutah Maria Riggs Society, P0 Box 50201, Montecito, CA 93150
You will receive a thank you note with our tax exempt information.

Thanks to the many, many supporters of the Lutah Maria Riggs Society, we look forward to another exciting year of celebrating Lutah Maria Riggs, with your help.

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Lutah Founding Principals

  • Keith Berry
  • Gretchen & Robert Lieff
  • Brent Harris & Lisa Meulbroek
  • Anne & Michael Towbes
  • John Woodward

Lutah Lovers

  • Jerry & Helene Beaver
  • Bea Hype
  • Mark Dishop & Michelle Humphries
  • Kitchell Corporation
  • Channing Soladar
  • Robert E. Truskowski, Inc.

Lutah Family

  • Laura Bridley
  • Susie Cronin
  • Nancy Gifford
  • Leesa Goldsmuntz
  • Martha Gray
  • Joan Kreiss
  • John Saladino
  • Cynthia Stebbins